Artist Interview

Interview with Metamorffosis Movement

Members of Metamorffosis Movement talk about their kinesthetic experiment for the Metamorffosis Festival and how it made them step out of their comfort zone into a new dimension of intimacy with nature.


Interview with artist Lindsey Colbourne

North Wales based artist Lindsey Colbourne talks about the Metamorffosis Festival and how the pandemic triggered shifts in her artistic practices, expanding her relationship to the more than human and re-considering her idea of what art is, where and how it might happen.

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Interview with poet Rhys Trimble

North Wales based poet Rhys Trimble talks about the Metamorffosis Festival and how the pandemic triggered an extension of his artistic practices, expanding his poetry into music and collaborative performances.


An interview with photographer Janet Ruth Davies about her project "Hidden in Plain Sight"

During the Metamorffosis Festival we were lucky to have a chat with photographer Janet Ruth Davis. Janet talks to us about her artistic research into Darwin‘s Erratic Boulders. She shares her favourite photographs with us and explores how the pandemic has changed her understanding of her project "Hidden in Plain Sight". You can watch the interview here.

Artist Interview with Lisa Hudson

North Wales based artist Lisa Hudson talks about her creative practice in the context of small-scale initiatives as Metamorffosis Festival and Utopias Bach and how her collaborations shifted her artistic practices.


Artist Interview with Steph Shipley

Anglesey based artist Steph Shipley talks about how the pandemic affected her creative practice, and how Metamorffosis Festival and Utopias Bach enabled her to shift her practice to the next level.