Our Vlog hosted by Pandemic and Beyond.

We are delighted to see that a vlog by artists from Crone Cast and Sarah Pogoda has been published with "Pandemic and Beyond" (Exeter University).


Sarah Pogoda talks about her research with Golwg.

Sarah Pogoda talks on BBC Radio Cymru about the Metamorffosis Festival.

Our project is now part of the AHRC-funded network “The Pandemic and Beyond: The Arts and Humanities contribution to Covid-19 research and recovery”


"An imaginary museum of Metamorffosis“ – A guided Visualisation"

From June 21-27th 2021, Metamorffosis Festival took place in Gwynedd and on Anglesey. After some weeks had passed, we felt, it was time for meeting again and re-visit together the past, present and future of metamorffosis. Also, some might have missed the festival or an event during the festival and wished to imagine how it could have been and who they could have been if they went. Maybe others wished they could imagine an event which simply did not happen at the festival but might well have happened … So many possible realities for us to imagine together ... We therefore created a guided visualisation for „An imaginary museum of Metamorffosis“. Together we wanted to explore how an imaginary museum of our Metamorffosis festival could look like, how experiences, movements and thoughts emerged at, with, from, without, after the festival could take shape as a museum of a new kind.

We run an online event on. For those who missed it or for those who want to visit the Imaginary Museum again, this is an audio recording of the guided visualisation:

If you wish to share your visit with us, please send a message to: